How to Manage All Consumers with Efficiency?

How to Manage All Consumers with Efficiency?

July 29, 2019

Technology is rapidly changing the way services are being delivered to consumers. It is also changing how consumers receive these services. There is a big difference in how a product is delivered to the consumer and the reaction of the consumer towards the way of delivery.


In the time when artificial intelligence, machine learning, and block-chain technologies are revolutionizing the way business is done online, consumer involvement is also gaining momentum.


In the era of high-speed Internet, the mode of delivering the services is also changing. Companies are implementing every possible step to gravitate more traffic to their stores.


What Is the Concept Of Consumer Efficiency?


What Is the Concept Of Consumer Efficiency?  How to Manage All Consumers with Efficiency?


The online or e-commerce business model has more consumer interactions than traditional business models. Here the consumers are directly a part of the service delivery system. Traditionally the decision into product delivery was with the company and its employees.


However, e-commerce is changing all that and now the consumer is directly defining the product they want with the desired level of customization. The consumer is now part of the product development system.


A new concept added to customer relationship management is consumer efficiency. In consumer efficiency, the consumer is regularly interacting and connecting with the employees of the company to take the final decision. Gartner research points out that 67% of consumers feel it’s very important for brands to automatically adjust content based on consumer context and 42% get annoyed when content is not personalized.


There are various factors that play an important role in keeping all the consumers happy and returning back to you for the service. Here are five important things that you must keep in mind to help manage your consumers more efficiently:


 A better understanding of your customer’s journey




Right from the time, the consumer shows an interest in a product, the journey cycle for the consumer starts. Any company does well with a system that is continuously following the activities of your consumer from the first stage of the purchase cycle till making the final purchase. However, this consumer journey does not end with the purchase, it actually goes beyond. As a Kirana business owner, you need to be fully aware of consumer behaviour in order to serve them well.


Upgrade your business with the latest technology


In the previous point, we have talked about keeping the track of the consumer purchase cycle and decisions he makes during this period. When you have a large number of people visiting your kirana store for buying goods offline, customization becomes very difficult. The best option is to adopt the latest technologies to improve your customer analysis.


This way you are ahead of your competitors and also are able to keep your customers happy by understanding their needs. With technology, properly integrated into the product cycle, a kirana store knows about the customers from all the possible channels.


Increasing consumer involvement as a part of the service


Increasing consumer involvement as a part of the service  Increasing consumer involvement as a part of the service


In order to maximise consumer satisfaction, you need to have their maximum involvement in the service. Many big brands use the power of social media to achieve this objective. However, direct online involvement may not be possible for offline kirana owners. So they may go for the traditional method of mouth publicity. Being polite with the customers and asking for their requirements always puts you in the good books of customers. This way, the customers gets a special feel-good factor as they know their view is important.


Make quality your priority at all levels


With surging competition and profit making becoming the main objective of the companies, they start to compromise with the quality of the product and service they provide. Deterioration in the quality at any level makes the customer unhappy.


An unhappy customer loses his interest in the product or services by that company. Similar is the case with kirana stores. If you deliver quality products that are safe and hygienic too, the consumers will stay loyal and faithful to you.


Have a well-planned Feedback system


Have a well-planned Feedback system  Have a well-planned Feedback system


Feedback is the ultimate way for the consumer to share his views with the store owner. Top companies in the world have a strong feedback mechanism, which focuses on the customer and what he wants to say. Feedback system means you are engaging your customers too, to higher levels and that customers trust your brand for a value that you need to maintain.


As a kirana store owner, you must have a well-planned feedback system where you can ask the customers to be clear about the store’s look, availability of products, delivery system and more.




The above points cover important aspects of keeping your consumers happy at all the levels and at the same time ensuring that your brand is zooming ahead in popularity in the market. In order to manage all consumers with efficiency, you need to align them in a systematic way.


Technology helps you to keep an eye on all the customers at the individual levels, giving you a greater degree of intuitive insight to personalize the offerings and consumer experiences with your company or kirana store. Personalized experiences help create emotional bonds between a consumer and a brand, which, in turn, drives engagement, loyalty, repeat purchases, and long term financial returns.


Being an intrinsic part of its go to market approach and understanding the imperative for technology into the business, Kirana King is continuously striving to digitize its network stores to be technology efficient to enhance the customer experience, consumer loyalty, increased GMV and increased profits.


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