10 Things to Make Your Grocery Shopping More Interesting and Exciting 1

10 Things to Make Your Grocery Shopping More Interesting and Exciting

May 14, 2019

Grocery shopping could be a boring thing for some people. However, most women in India take it as a challenge. They need to ensure that they buy the best quality and enough quantity without spending more than the average monthly budget.


Women are born managers. They might have an in-built system of running the house within the budget while ensuring they save reasonable money. Wonder how they do it? Ask most women and they will reply it is a result of years of experience shopping and understanding about the items they buy. Definitely grocery shopping is an art that can be an exciting and interesting thing to do for anyone, whether you are a housewife, a student or a professional away from home, you need to shop grocery at some point in time.


Kirana King believes that grocery shopping, being a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle, should be interesting. Making a list is not enough, consumers must check the quality, market value of the brand and health-related aspects of every item they purchase.


Grocery Shopping Tips


Grocery shopping tips


Though online stores allow shopping from the comfort of your home, the traditional Kirana stores help you understand the quality at a finer level. We have sorted a list of ways that can make your next visit to the neighborhood Kirana shop more interesting and exciting. Just use these simple yet creative ideas to have an exciting grocery shopping experience next time & every time:


1. Go to your grocery shop when it is least crowded


– Yes, if you want to get maximum attention from the salesperson at your grocery store, then choose a time of the day when it has the least number of people. At this time, you can build a better customer and seller relation. Well, this can help you get some more discounts and also an early notification on the latest offers they provide.


2. Collect your discount coupons


Discount coupons



– Who doesn’t like discount coupons? Whether you are shopping at your neighborhood kirana store, at a supermarket or online, you can use your discount coupons to save more. So never forget to keep your coupons handy when going for grocery shopping.


3. Never miss the chance to avail the invitations for new openings


– What if you get to know that there is an opening of a new Kirana grocery shop nearby, and you are invited? You should try and not miss this opportunity as this could be the best time to meet your friends who share the same interest and do some shopping along with the chit chat. Additionally, the Kirana store owner might give you some loyalty points for being the first tranche of shoppers.


4. Use the mobile application to compare and shop


mobile application to compare and shop


-The virtual world is also very interesting as it offers you an opportunity to compare a large number of items in a very short span of time. There are many grocery shopping applications available that help you make easy comparisons on the prices before you buy.


5. Take your gang along for shopping


– You don’t like to shop alone and find it boring? You are busy with the hectic lifestyle? Friends and family are your answer to your boredom. Take your best buddy or any family member with you for shopping. It will be something like an outing for both of you and who knows, you learn some shopping tricks from each other.


6. Don’t shop in a hurry


don't shop in hurry


– Grocery shopping needs time. So until it’s very urgent, shop over the weekends or when you have plenty of time. A better thing is to plan a day for grocery shopping. This way, you will be able to concentrate on your list, quality comparison and budget.


7. Avail the option of click and collect


Click and collect


There are many e-commerce companies and local mom & pop stores that give you an option of ordering online and collect the items from a collection center/collection kiosk in store. When you have the list ready, just order online and save the time to watch your favorite show.


8. Make a game out of product comparisons


– Put your family members to work and do some brainstorming. It is not always your duty to decide for everyone and buy the groceries. This becomes fun when everyone is on board and looking to contribute. It also gives some family time.


9. Make sure your stomach is well-fed


Shopping is never good when done empty stomach. It has been found that when you are the empty stomach, you end up buying ready to eat food instead of the list because your stomach needs something to binge on.


10. Get your shopping list ready


Your Shopping list


– All the fun and excitement is connected with the shopping list. It is because you may miss an item or two that will cause you irritation. Preparing list can be also fun stuff when the family is working together.




Just like shopping for clothes, shoes or handbags, grocery shopping can be interesting if you put your heart and mind in it. With the changing trends, environment and raising health issues, it becomes more important to concentrate on your grocery shopping.


At Kirana King, we try to make grocery buying a seamless experience for customers while empowering the traditional Kirana store owners. Strict quality control, availability of an exceptionally wide range of products,  well-organized supply chain and continuous additions of new methods are the reasons why we are equally popular amongst brands, Kirana stores, and consumers.


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