Useful tips for smart grocery shopping

Useful Tips for Smart Grocery Shopping

March 1, 2019

Are you spending too much on your grocery shopping? Does your grocery eat up the major part of your monthly food budget? Have you planned your Kirana shopping? With the change in lifestyle and food preferences, a major shift has been noticed in buying patterns of Indian grocery shoppers. In old times, the shopping module includes buying products at six months or three months bases.


However, now the urbanization and small family structures have changes the patterns. Grocery buying is a monthly or weekly process. But with the overwhelming options available in your nearest supermarket or Kirana store, you often found the shopping is over budget and unnecessary.


We have shortlisted a few useful tips for smart grocery shopping to make your Kirana purchase less stressing and more budget-friendly. Whether you buy from your nearest Kirana King store or purchase online, these handy tips will make you save more time and money.


Make a Kirana Item List




Be organized with your Kirana items list. Based on your grocery usage, divide the items in most and least required products. This will let you focus on priority products and you won’t end up wasting money on unnecessary items. A list is always best to ensure that you won’t be buying more than you need.


It is better to start preparing a list over a week to ensure you have included all Kirana stuff. A good tip is to note down the item when you are running low. don’t wait until you run out.


Before you step out, re-check your pantry, fridge or freezer to make sure you have included all required items. In the list, clearly add the quantity. Don’t let the Kirana store owner confuse you with a lot of options. Be precise and stick to your Kirana list.


Plan Your Menu


Planning your weekly menu is a good option to ensure you have a complete list of Kirana items required in your kitchen. You can plan a weekly menu and duplicate it for the next week.


This way, you know what you will require in your kitchen for the next 15 days. Include all three meals. Meal planning will not only make your Kirana purchase budget-friendly but also save you a lot of time that you otherwise waste in just figuring out what to cook. Moreover, cooking will be less stressful and food will be more delicious if you have all the required items available in your kitchen.


Have a Budget




It is important to fix a monthly budget if you want to limit waste and save more. Evaluate the approx per week consumption and check how much is the leftover. Then, give yourself a practical budget for your ‘Kirana saman’. A few pluses or minus are fine but try to shop within the budget. If you don’t know how much you should spend, you will end up spending too much on your Kirana stuff.


Buy in Bulk



Buying in bulk can save you both time and money. Moreover, this is what we have learned from our elders. However, bulk buying is good only if you have enough storage space and you will consume the stuff before it gets stale. These days, most houses don’t have large storage space and no one has enough time for Kirana maintenance.


That is a reason Kirana King, the largest offline grocery marketplace in India offers a range of packaging options to suit your kitchen needs. Ask for any quantity and they provide it in a healthy, long-lasting packaging that lets you focus on food preparations then kitchen maintenance.


Consider Shopping at Your Nearest Kirana Store


If you go to big brick-and-mortar grocery stores because they have everything and its high quality, think again. With all the available overwhelming options you will end up spending more. Additionally, you need to stay calm and wait for your turn at the billing counter. And not all of them offer home delivery service.


In contrast, when you shop from your nearest Kirana King shop, you get all the items on your list with no waiting time for billing. In case you want you can ask for home delivery.


Moreover, when it is close to your house, it is easy to go and get items if you have forgotten to add anything. You can even call your kiranawala and ask them to pen down your list. That way also you can get your Kirana items at your doorstep.




For smart grocery shopping, it is good to be planned. However, when you are running out of time, Kirana King kiranawala is always a savior. Updated stock, hygienic packaging, a centralized warehouse, service on call and availability of everything you may need in your kitchen actually make Kirana King India ki Nayi Dukan.


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