What Consumers Think About Offline Grocery Shopping?

What Consumers Think About Offline Grocery Shopping?

April 29, 2019

We are living in an era of digitization. The Indian government is working to take the benefits of the Internet to every home of India. Today everything is available online, right from the groceries to the gadgets. Even the consumers and their demands are changing.


The rise in the income of the average individual is giving them more freedom into buying. The consumers in the metro cities have already started to make their purchases online. Non-Metro city consumers are slowly catching up with an increase in demand. Now, they want more personalized shopping options.


Differences in Shopping Experiences


On one-side, brick and mortar stores offer a totally different shopping experience with more human touch and emotions whereas, on the other side online shopping gives consumers the freedom of choices and emotion-less shopping at own convenience. This is a great tug of war between two totally different shopping platforms.


Grocery shopping offline means consumers also spend some time outside away from the hectic life. While shopping online consumers can save time in a busy lifestyle and put it to some useful work. The best consumer experience comes from a combination of both formats. This is possible by omnichannel marketing. Businesses like Kirana King are helping the local Kirana shops to bring omnichannel grocery shopping for their consumers. This way the stores are also able to increase their consumer base.


Differences in Shopping Experiences


Rising E-Commerce and Online Marketplaces


Rising E-Commerce and Online Marketplaces


The decrease in the cost of the internet, easy access and the rise of smartphones are boosting the online grocery selling platform. We call these platforms as an e-commerce platform. Also, the online marketplaces have a large number of product lists and price range to select from.


The traditional Kirana stores are still hanging on to their traditional way of doing business. They are facing tough competition from more online shopping options for consumers. Having an online presence gives you access to the vast application of consumer-friendly technology into the business.


Many online retailers do not have a proper delivery system, product safety or supply chain management. To add on, they have an unfriendly return policy. Most consumers are afraid because of these reasons and stay away from buying online. The Indian traditional mindset is to see and feel the product before buying it. The lack of trust in online grocery stores is also a major factor that is keeping Indian consumers away from them.


Adding to this, the online marketplaces need brick and mortar warehouses to stock their products. They also need an extra system to deliver the products at the doorstep of the consumers. The click and collect system is a very good option that is minimizing the cost of selling online without having to worry about delivery.


In this, the consumer can browse through the huge e-catalog of products in various categories, receive an instant discount and easily pay through an array of digital/online payment modes.


Kirana Stores Are Still a Great Force to Reckon


ecommerce v/s retail store


Indian consumers love to shop offline. The major sales coming from online platforms are for electronic goods. But in 2 and 3 tier cities, the consumer still wants to buy offline. The major reasons for fear are damage in a product, warranty on the brands and time taken for the delivery.


For edibles, the expiry date is also very important. At brick and mortar Kirana stores, you can immediately replace the damaged / expired products. The level of comfort and trust is more towards the shopkeeper than unknown staff in a supermarket or online customer support for an online marketplace.


Well, at one point when consumers are still reluctant to buy online, the modern retail stores or Kirana stores are fast coming up. They have a modern design and a consumerist approach. The introduction of alternate commerce is making it more competitive. Kirana King is modernizing the Kirana stores to reach more consumers and increase sales with the benefit of alternate commerce.




In the digital world, nothing can flourish without the influence of technology and the internet. Social media is also a place to impress your consumers and get them to shop at your store. The store can be anywhere, online marketplace or offline Kirana store and supermarket. In general stores or the Kirana store, a consumer can WhatsApp his requirements to the shop owner and then collect his groceries at his own convenience. This is a simple example of click and collects mode of shopping.


New consumers may or may not get the same treatment by the shop owner. However, the approach to lure more consumers to your store will continue to evolve. An omnichannel approach is giving consumers more options at every possible path and offering the business owners to innovate and make the sales at all the possible levels. The consumer today is open to any channel until he is satisfied with the quality of the product and gets the best buying experience.


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