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Why is Digital Billing & Payments System Necessary in Kirana Business?

May 24, 2019

India is a country of rich traditions and cultures. People here are known for their amicable nature and happy faces. It is because a typical Indian builds many relationships at personal, professional and other social levels. Every successful business model functions on the same aspect of building a long-term relationship with the customers.


The Indian Kirana business is one such example with probably the highest success rate amongst any other business models. It is because virtually every Indian prefers to go to nearby Kirana stores, meet the Kirana wala there and purchase their daily consumables.


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As per an article published in the Hindu business line website, there are approximately 12 million kirana stores in the country and they contribute about 90% of the kirana retail business in the country.


The most astonishing fact is that the majority of the kirana businesses run on traditional concept of handwritten paper billing and book-keeping. This is true in midst of fast strides of digitization in every other industry. However, this small semi-organized single largest retail segment in India is still very naïve at adopting and implementing digitization.


Many a time, the network store owners ask Kirana King, why they need a digital system for their kirana store. So here we have put together some of the most important reasons to digitize your kirana store: 


Better Store Management


Better Store Management


A typical traditional Kirana store is small in size with availability of varied grocery products. Most of the time it is the duty of the helper or the owner himself to store the merchandise in a specific place to find them quickly. In addition, they also need to remember the quantity of loose items, and this can get chaotic when the store is crowded.


However, the Kirana King network stores have a different story to tell. The centralized sourcing system has made store management hassle-free. No more making of manual bills and lists. We provide a well-organized contemporary digital POS system to all the network stores associated with us and train them for the best utilization of the digital sources.


Proper Inventory Management and Tracking


Proper inventory management and tracking


The inventory of a kirana shop comprises of the list and quantity of the products that it is selling. The traditional method involves maintaining a register with daily entry.


However, a digital system offers complete ease of maintaining the data of sales, inventory levels and deliveries in a single place. Billing POS software provided by Kirana King is a great help for its network stores. Now, when the network stores are also offering home delivery to the customers, digital systems are best to keep that track of on-time delivery also.


To Meet the GST Compliance


  Meet the GST Compliance


With the introduction of the GST regime, it is now mandatory for every business entity to adhere to GST compliance no matter how small that business may be. You need to regularly file the GST returns that needs proper bookkeeping in excel or any other digital format for ease to file. Adopting digitization helps the Kirana stores to adhere to the GST compliance without any worry.


To Build Loyal Customers


 Build Loyal Customers customer ralationship


Traditionally run kirana stores run on the goodwill of the store owners and its relation with the clients. However, with increasing population and rapid urbanization, local kirana stores have more consumers.


In this case, it is difficult to build goodwill in a day which demands another strategy to lure the customers to the store by offering time-to-time loyalty rewards to them. Be it new customers or existing ones, everyone likes gifts and appreciates them. Digital system helps you to receive the feedback from your customers and even tackle their grievances in a systematic manner.


Use Analytics to Plan Future Growth Strategies


Many small entrepreneurs mythically believe that analytics is for the bigger business but Kirana King believes the other way. Analytics is for every business, irrespective of the size, because data has a great power to boost your business. For example, a Kirana shop has more footfalls in a day than many high-end restaurants. A well-informed businessman is always on the lookout for better opportunities to grow their business.




According to a Leading Daily publication, modern kirana stores are drawing in more consumers due to the adoption of digital system. All this is happening because they are better able to manage their business and serve their consumers more efficiently. At the same time, the banks and other financial service providers are also gaining some confidence in them, which is translating for them into small business loans for growth.


The challenges that organized retail and e-commerce giants are bringing in will not affect the traditional kirana business anymore. As, Kirana King network store owners have already embraced the change, they are finding the business flow smoother, better and more impactful. If you really wish to modernize and organize your traditionally run kirana store, be a part of India’s largest off-line grocery marketplace. When you become a part of Kirana King’s grocery retail network, you can make your business more fulfilling, meaningful and sustainable.


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