changes is good


Change is the only constant in life

The same is true for businesses. Change is important for any business to grow and flourish. In fact, it is an inevitable part of any business yet business owners at some point resist change. The same is the case with Kirana store owners in India. These mom and pop stores have been following the age-old system and they are surviving.

But actually, they are just surviving. The next generation is not interested in the business due to lack of opportunities or maybe they feel it is outdated. Since the food habits and buying behaviour of consumers are changing fast, they are moving to better options that cater to their needs and still costs reasonable. Today, consumers are looking for quality products, competitive price and convinency. With international players introducing new things every quarter, even the survival and sustainability will be tough after a few years. It is the right time for the Kirana stores to embrace the change. And even if the short-term effect won't be very promising, there will be a positive impact on their business in the long run.


With the evolution of technology, economy, consumer needs and growth opportunities, most businesses have evolved. 'Everything around the Kiranawalas has been changed and even though consumers have been changed, the Kiranawalas remain same.'

What was once a small cobbler shop became a big shoe brand! Designer ready-made clothing stores have taken over the traditional tailor shops. Even the old-style sweet shops went under major makeover. Every business changed according to the consumer needs and psychology. For today's consumer, time is money. They now prefer to go supermarkets instead of kiranawalas since the former caters more to their needs under one roof. Also, today's consumer is more brand conscious. They relate quality to a brand, go for stuff that simplifies life, saves times and adheres to quality.


Considering the dire need of change in the age-old Kirana system, we have launched a very aspiring project that will bring the Kirana Revolution in the country. It is not just the business, but it is the need of the time. Kirana system is not just how grocery has been sold in India but it is an entire business school in itself that helps the companies to learn how to survive even in the most critical economies.

However, if this system won't change now, it will become a history. And we at Kirana King are pledged to revolutionize the entire system to create a new history. The Indian Kirana System has always been a benchmark for the world and with us, it will continue to set new benchmarks.

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