Kirana King is the fastest growing grocery retail company that marked its origin in Jaipur since 2017. Its core mission has been to encourage retailers to adopt transformation of their Kirana stores and to bring them on an organized retail platform. Kirana King primarily focuses on standardization, digitization & centralization of traditional Kirana system.

Kirana King’s prime objective is to empower and elevate the traditional Kirana stores while seamlessly tether these outlets to a never-before-witnessed transformation and get the grocery retail landscape revamped.

At Kirana King, we commit relentless dedication to innovation. We take pride in the success of your business and do everything we can in our hands to make that happen. Your grocery retail outlet is your brand, and at Kirana King, we have a clear objective to maximize the “Brand Uptime” of the traditional retailers under a unique brand name ‘’Kirana King – India Ki Nayi Dukan ‘’.


Kirana King believes in implementing its vision and dynamism to the abatement of all support in not only recognizing the challenges that lie ahead but also provide critical support at every step for overcoming all knowledge gaps.


Kirana King - Unique Grocery Retail Franchise Program

Our Franchise program covers various critical components that go towards running a well organized Kirana store. While the traditional Kirana Store will remain an entrepreneur driven standalone entity, they will benefit from the scale and scope of a large retail chain along with their existing identity remaining intact.

Kirana King will provide the most appropriate artwork to the partners with clear marketing guidelines to help them retain the regular customers and to attract new customers in their shops. We also conduct press/media coverage along with continuous PR activities online and offline to ensure good visibility of their store.

Kirana King also organizes presentations, seminars with channel partners to educate them on improving their working to make them competitive and serve their customers better.

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