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Existing Kirana Retailers

At Kirana King, we have developed a Unique Grocery Retail Franchise Program for existing Kirana Retailers and offering various services to Empower Kiranawalas. As the Indian Retail sector operates in a unique and complex environment, we should praise the positive effects of FDI and self-owned businesses towards the growth. We are one of the top five retail markets in the world by economic values. However, we should not forget the Kirana retailers who have been surviving in various drastic economic conditions. If we want the Indian grocery market to flourish, we need to re-engineer the operations of the traditional mom and pop stores. This is the need of the hour and if not done now, the big giants will leave no space for them to grow or even sustain.

If the Kirana stores improve their functioning and the area of operation then they will be able to survive and flourish in the years to come.

Our offerings are as follows:

1 Standardization

Completely changing their look & feel by improving their space through the installation of proper shelves and other required infrastructure detailing. Further, we will bring them under the single brand umbrella "Kirana King – India Ki Nayi Dukan" while ensuring their existing identity remains intact so that they can be part of a large growing retail chain.

2 Digitization

Automate business processes like billing, stock management and accounting with increased efficiency and profitability by installing a POS machine.

Receive online orders from customers through a web portal or smartphone app.

Accept all credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, Aadhar enabled payments or UPI, irrespective of the value of the transaction thus making the transactions cashless.

Put all transactions through the system creating transaction transparency, an integral aspect of GST compliance.

Provide micro banking and value-added services to customers generating additional revenue streams.

3 Centralization

Offering centralized purchase and supply solution from our state of the art warehousing and logistics facilities so they can invest their valuable time in the operational excellence of their shops rather than spending their valuable time in negotiating with hundreds of suppliers. They will get the benefits of scale of economy purchase and complete supply solution for their complete grocery needs under one roof with daily replenishment service.

We are offering various on-line and off-line marketing activities to promote kiranawalas among consumers for improved sales and strong brand awareness.

Customer relationship management on centrally operated CRM software and updating consumers about various ongoing offers and services.

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