Anup K Kumar Founder & CEO - Kirana King

Envisioning always big in life, Mr. Anup has made a concrete name of repute today as a Founder & CEO of Kirana King. His humble beginning, with education in the commerce background saw its evolution through his versatile experiences since 1996. As a passionate entrepreneur, he has found innovative ways of doing business.

"Anup envisioned the revamping of traditional Kirana shops and giving them a fresh new appeal, as his business tagline aptly pronounces Empowering Grocery Retail."

Working with various companies, his long-awaited brainchild business concept of Empowering Grocery Retail saw its inception with his pioneering venture, Kirana King. Re-conceptualizing and redefining grocery business, 'Kirana King – India Ki Nayi Dukaan,' is taking the unorganized grocery retail sector by a storm. Giving a real, measurable facelift value for the traditional Kirana shops, he commenced with his ambitious project of Kirana King which aims at providing long-term benefits to everyone in the grocery retail ecosystem.

His consummate experiences gave him the insights to do business as it deserves to be. Today, he takes great pride in formulating indisputable ideas of bringing in complete transparency and germinating trust in the off-line grocery retail market of India. As a man of fine principles, his dedication does not limit itself in empowering the kiranawallas only but also goes to greater lengths in the form of his benevolent contributions to society and the environment.

Today, Kirana King towers high in the grocery retail sector with a unique identity of revolutionizing mom & pop retailing in India, thereby delivering delightful experiences & convenience to the consumers. Believing the sky has no limits; he looks forward to educating the next breed of professionals to have an empowering and in-depth understanding of the grocery retail market, thereby soon will be launching the 'Kirana King Retail Academy.'

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