Mr. Deepak DusadDirector - Finance & Accounts

PartnershipStarting with a humble approach towards education, his bachelors in commerce was the stepping stone for futuristic excellence in the world of commercial trade. Towering today with an extensive eleven years of experience in banking, in sales/underwriting/recovery / in BBG & Agri Finance (commodity financing)/ channel finance, etc., he is chartering newer heights of the limitless sky!

Achieving the commendable certifications of being a Chartered Accountant, a Company Secretary, a Bachelor of Law, PGDLL, and CAIIB, the real taste of success was discovered through his pioneering approach, being the Director – Finance & Accounts for India's fastest growing grocery retail network, Kirana King.

His identity of being a 'financial surgeon' to numerous businesses has been a stimulating journey all these years. Before getting into business in 2012, he never knew that his journey would be so immensely fortunate in terms of getting the recognition his hard work belonged to.

His competence in banking services comes from working with high echelon clients. What makes him feel like an empowered individual and a person of concern in the society is because of his sincere offerings in financial, legal and secretarial matters that have and still be influencing the growth of a long list of businesses.

Today, his roles and responsibility have grown more prominent in assisting India's highly potential retail business, Kirana King, to reach the pinnacle of business excellence with his ardent efforts in ensuring the long-term viability of the company.

Mr. Balwant Singh RanaDirector - Supply Chain

Mr_Balwant_singh_ranaAs an excellent commerce graduate from Delhi University and a profound PGDBA in Finance, Mr. Rana has always kept his focus aligned with his passion for being in the agri-commodity business. His access to the finance ecosystem empowered with educational qualifications made me a master of my knowledge and insight into the world of trade.

As a MBA, the expansion of his knowledge in trading business and forecasting analytics made him a conjurer of the commerce world. Working at senior designated positions, today, he is at the epitome of business excellence and takes great pride to be as the Director of Supply Chain with Kirana King.

Being a part of such a revolutionizing retail business, his objectives of making big in life have truly stood out with flying colors. Working with the international forefront of the business with the managerial identity, his experience is astoundingly profound and stretches to cross-bordering countries like Argentina, Africa, Dubai, and Singapore.

Today, being a crucial part of the innovative organization of Kirana King, he contributes in the business by providing strategic leadership that aims at enhancing supply chain capabilities, expanding the supply base, co-production capabilities, improving internal processes and ensuring the operation meets organizational benchmarks for cost, quality, and delivery.

As an envisioning pioneer in the world retail business, he is optimistic about measuring growth within the business and takes care of every detail with his proactive analysis.

Mr. Madan Kumar GandamDirector - IT Developments

PartnershipAs MBA in Business Administration and Management, and a Certified SAP Consultant, Mr. Madan always knew about his core strengths in the world of IT. What became the cornerstone moment of his life is his association with India's fastest growing grocery retail business, Kirana King. As the director of IT developments in the company, he takes care of the bigger spectrum of technical functionalities that has a direct influence on the company's overall scalability and growth.

What further makes me him distinctively competent person is his core experience of fifteen years in local and global sectors, in SAP consulting within large-scale business transformation programs and an in-depth ERP solutions as an entrepreneur and business analyst. Handling and managing cryptic assignments involving complex, multi-functional requirements, he has pooled in and sharpened his skills of managing resources and stakeholders across different work streams to achieve the targeted outcomes.

Today, his staggering profile value aligns perfectly with the needed and required technical skills in the organization as a Director – IT Developments.

All his hard-earned business process knowledge combined with a broad understanding of complementary enterprise solutions through product development, customer support and consulting experience spanning over a decade fuels him ahead to steer the organization in the right direction heading towards nothing but business excellence!

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