Anup Kumar Khandelwal Founder & CEO - Kirana King

Mr. Anup Kumar Khandelwal is the backbone of Kirana King. The founder and CEO of Kirana King has made the brilliant concept of 'Kirana King – India Ki Nayi Dukan', a new reality of grocery retail.

Anup envisioned the revamping of traditional Kirana shops and giving them a fresh new appeal, as his business tagline aptly pronounces – Empowering Grocery Retail.

With an experience of business since 1996 in the Agro commodity trading, Mr. Khandelwal operates his global business from Dubai, UAE. His passion for business innovation is commendable. And with his clear philosophy of empowering the retail business, he launched the very ambitious project that will provide long-term benefits to everyone in the retail ecosystem by bringing transparency and building trust in the grocery retail market of India.


And as the sky has no limits for him. Anup wants to ensure that the next breed of professionals should have the in-depth understanding of the grocery system. Therefore, he will soon launch the 'Kirana King Retail Academy' in the state capital.


While his dedication to work is commendable, his concern towards the society and the environment is also praiseworthy. The 'Ruchi Care Foundation' that will provide relief to less privileged is one example of how Mr. Khandelwal and his company undertake the social responsibilities.


Deepak DusadCo-Founder & Director

Mr. Deepak Dusad, the Co-founder of Kirana King, is an extremely accomplished financial and legal analyst who constantly ensures the long-term viability of the company's projects and products.

Before turning to the commodity business in 2012, Deepak with an experience of over 15 years in banking has been a 'financial surgeon' to numerous businesses. During his banking services, he had produced enduring results for high echelon clients and his expertise in financial, legal and secretarial matters have influenced the growth of a long list of businesses.

Chartered Accountant, a Company Secretary, a Bachelor of Law, PGDLL, CAIIB. Deepak is amongst the foundation pillars of Kirana King. He manages all the legal and financial matters of the company and ensures a smoother financial flow to maximize the operational excellence.

Mr Balwant Singh RanaCo-Founder & Director

Mr Balwant Singh Rana is one of the Co-Founders and Directors of Kirana King. His passion and cohesive working style have brought remarkable success in first product placement in the focus market. It is the excellent consulting and problem-solving skills with his self-motivated, multi-tasking behaviour of this visionary leader that brought the company immense success.

His 20 years of diverse business experience clearly reflects in his thorough knowledge of Accounts & Finance, funding, Sourcing, System Developments, Sales Strategies and developing markets, Marketing and entire Operations. Mr Rana can effortlessly manage any kind of business cycle and exactly knows how to make profits.

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