Our Grocery Retail Ecosystem at a GlanceIn our ecosystem, the brands, the consumers, and the kirana stores are the major components


You name it, we provide it. We have tie-ups with almost all major brands that you like to see in your store or consume at home. And we are collaborating with more brands to ensure our consumers get exactly what they want.

Benefit to Brands

The companies find the supply chain less tangled by connecting with our centralized system. They are no more required to hire hundreds of sales representatives, nor they have to get in the fussy accounting system, and with our market research, they even get to know the requirements of the end consumer without hiring a large research team.

We help these brands understand the needs of consumers and troubles of store owners. And ultimately provide them the insight required to increase the consumption and decrease the wastage.


These kirana stores were so far neglected. However, they capture a significant 92% of the total Indian grocery retail. Our retail ecosystem is the first of its kind to include these local stores, and we leave no stone unturned to help these stores get into the main-stream of business.

Benefits to Kirana Stores

Once the store owners connect with us, they can better focus on dealing with customers instead of wasting time negotiating with the sales representatives. Their store is well-managed, there is no wastage and they can cater more customers within a short span of time. With a relaxed mind, the local store owners can divert their energy towards business growth instead of coping with the everyday hurdles.


Consumers are the rulers. They set the rules for any industry and when it is the Indian retail, it is impossible to grow without ensuring their satisfaction and meeting their traditional, cultural and global needs.

Benefits for Consumers

Today consumers don't have time and patience. They look for options where all their requirements are fulfilled quickly. No wonder they would love to shop from a nearby store if it is aesthetically pleasing, has a wide range of products, offers good discounts and takes least processing time.

That's exactly what the Kirana King's selected grocery stores to do.

SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENTAt Kirana King, our mission was to create an ecosystem where we all enjoy a harmonious and symbiotic relationship. So our visionary leaders and experts innovated a simpler supply chain where everything is superfine, smooth and sophisticated. We brought a range of brands under one roof and ensured the Kirana stores that they will be supplied with every good asked by their customers. The entire process is digitized, transparent and highly convenient. Now, the store owners associated with Kirana King need not spend hours in negotiating with vendors and suppliers, they don't even require to bother about stuffing their shop or the bad inventory management as our skilled workforce is always there to assist them. From store renovation to inventory fulfillment, we do everything. The stores have to focus only on serving the customers and growing the business.

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