The Kirana Revolution

Kirana Revolution is the brainchild of Mr. Anup Kumar who is giving the necessary thrust to the program using his professional management skills. According to Mr.Anup, the Kirana system in India is rich with history, but it remains as relevant now as it has ever been. As the country's oldest retail system, it has been serving the population for hundreds of years now, and that extraordinary heritage is an integral part of its strong appeal. Since it is dynamic and ever-changing, he tried making the world's largest grocery system more robust, smooth, appealing and futuristic. That doesn't mean the company will follow the trend and bring everything online. In fact, his goal is to create the largest offline marketplace that operates nation-wide through its centralized format and help the traditional kirana stores reach the international retail standards while making profits and offering delighting services to consumers.

Kirana Revolution Objectives

1 Improving the infrastructure, and changing the look and feel of Kirana Stores.
2 Providing the solutions of the centralized purchase and supply.
3 Digitization of the traditional Kirana Stores by moving them from calculator to the cloud.
4 Increase brand visibility.
5 Better connectivity amongst brands, consumers and Kirana stores.
6 Fair prices for consumers.
7 Augment incomes throughout the grocery supply chain.


1 More appealing stores
2 Quick supply of goods
3 Well organized stores
4 Stores will be able to cater to wide and varied consumer needs
5 Consumers will get better quality at reasonable prices
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